Valentines 2018 Menu


A platter for sharing

A selection of sea food, chicken and lamb. Also available as vegetarian option with selection of Punjabi pakora’s. miniature aloo tikka and salsa sauce, served with fresh green garnish.

U-5 Extra Large King Prawn

Marinated in wine and gentle fresh spices, cooked to our own Chef’s special recipe

Mughali Chicken Tikka

Marinated in yoghurt, almonds, fresh spices and baked in the clay oven, served with a homemade mint and mango dip

Main Course

Served with fluffy basmati pilao rice and traditional naan from the tandoor.

Salmon Salsa

Cooked in the clay oven and served with our homemade salsa sauce.

Makhan Chicken

Just an old favourite, served with fresh basmati fragrant rice and garlic and coriander naan bread.

Lamb Goshe

A Peppers favourite.. Served with basmati fragrant rice and plain naan bread

Spinach and garlic mushroom sagg (V)

Served with tandoori roti and fragrant rice.



Chocolate Truffles layered and served with fresh raspberries and chocolate chards

Homemade cashew nut Kulfi served with fresh mango

Fresh homemade strawberry cheesecake



Complementary Rosé



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