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The cuisine of India is as rich and diverse as her people and draws influence from all over the Ancient World!

Food was dedicated to discovery and rapture, spices were added to cream and butter, rice was cooked with meats and dishes were garnished with almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts and raisins. Precious spices like ittar, kewda and saffron were first used in the preparation of the most superb of dishes. To this day saffron is more costly than gold.

To make these spices sparkle, the chefs of the Imperial food courts introduced a radical new form of cooking. Commanded by their masters to bedazzle and enthral with their culinary tactics, the chefs created Dum Pukht; the ultra chic “Food of the Kings”, known to the pundits as the near mythical Grand cuisine of India

The food was encased and sealed into great eastern pots and covered with charcoal and scorched earth. Here it would simmer and mature over the course of the day in its own juices allowing the food to infuse and ripen. Once the great eastern pots were opened these lavish dishes were served at the great court banquets in vessels made of jade, silver and Chinese porcelain. The ultimate formal banquet, the Royal Wazan featured thirty-six courses as a minimum and the celebrations lasted the whole day and much of the night, with musicians and wine to complete the occasion.

Today, like a great painter with his palette of oils and water colours paints the Shimla Peppers chef’s have abundance of freshly ground spices, herbs and sauces with which to create their masterpieces. At Shimla Peppers we want you to experience this fantastical era, both in the food and the atmosphere.

Observe the dramatic setting of our Indian Cuisine, revised from a tradition which hosts the Sigri, the Tawa and the Tak Tak. These age-old methods of cooking enthral the senses. Behold the artistry of our chefs as you dine, be intoxicated by the aromas of a bygone era, marvel at the service and then taste the sublime.

Please note that no artificial colouring or flavouring of any kind are used in our dishes. This may cause their appearance to differ somewhat from the usual “Indian” food served elsewhere.

If you suffer from any allergies, please consult our waiters who will be pleased to advise you on the detailed content of our dishes.

Our intention is always to exceed your expectations. If, however, this is not the case, then I want to know. Please feel free to speak to me in person or by telephone at any time.

Ranjit Singh Sohal


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