Traditional Starters

Peppers Murghi Tikka

Tikka of chicken dipped in aromatic cumin, marinated, grilled in the tandoor and then finished on “Dum“ served with fresh green salad with our own home made dip.


Jhinga Bianko (King Prawns)

Jumbo prawns marinated in a blend of spices, cooked on a skewer in the tandoor and served with a fresh green garnish.


Fish Amritsari

Succulent chunks of cod immersed in an ajwain and gram flour batter. Delicately spiced and deep-fried to a rich golden colour.


Salmon Ka Tikka

Chunks of pink Scottish salmon gently marinated in dill, fennel and ginger with a trace of mustard oil, then roasted on the Sigri.


Raunkae Seekh Kebabs

The traditional Seekh lamb kebabs flavoured with coriander, tomatoes, mint and spring onions, creating a delicious palate of extraordinary taste.


Peppers Aloo Tikki

Deep fried potato cakes stuffed with moong dall, corn flour, cardamoms, pepper, hing, tempered peethi of peas and served with contrasting dips and chutneys.


Chounkidar Pakoras

Punjabi style nuggets of onions and vegetables rolled in delicate spices coated in batter and deep fried, served with an imli dip.



Peppers Murghi Malai Tikka

Tikka of chicken marinated in a hint of grated Cheddar cheese, fresh garlic, ginger, cumin seeds, green chilli and cashew nut cream.


Paneer Tikka

Indian cheese marinated in delicate spices, coated in garlic, ginger paste, a hint of green chilli and fresh cream.



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